What Is a Corporate Bootcamp?

A super-intensive programming course tailored to your specific needs. We’ll work with you to create the training structure, and then supervise the process from talent selection to onboarding.


8-16 weeks training time

Super intensive

5x8 hours per week

Super flexible

online, or on-campus at the preferred Green Fox Academy or corporate premises

Super quick onboarding

reduce the time it takes to onboard 10-15 Junior Developers

How Does Customisation Work?

Our Senior Mentors will meet with your Development Managers and assess your needs in detail. They won’t put together a generic, theory-based curriculum, but will instead focus on an individual, practical approach, with the aim of getting graduates into your system as quickly as possible. After an initial discussion we will propose a draft syllabus, to which your Development Managers can add or remove items as needed. Holding follow-up meetings as required, we will then continue to work together with you until we have created a final syllabus.

How Can a Corporate Bootcamp
Program Help You?

If you want to speed up growth

If you want speed up growth

We will help you build up a flexible tech talent pool, with fast and targeted training for existing staff and new recruits.

If you have a specific technology need

If you have a specific technology need

For specific technologies, it is almost impossible to find enough specialists in the market, so our mentors will design a customised training course that will supply you with a continuous flow of specialists

If you want to expand your development team with trainees

If you want to expand your development team with trainees

If you have to deal with in-house capacity shortages, we will take care of your internal trainee programme, thus lightening the burden on your HR team.

If your company is facing a technology change

If your company is facing a technology change

If you are suffering from in-house skills shortages, we can provide a senior mentor to retrain your entire development team.

If you want to reduce and schedule the onboarding time of junior developers

If you want to reduce and schedule the onboarding time of junior developers

Cohorts are scheduled throughout the year, so you can see when junior developers will be joining your company. As a partner, you will take an active role in the course, ensuring that you can select candidates within 1-2 weeks and reduce the time it takes for senior developers to settle in new team members.

If you are looking to build a multi-skilled team

If you are looking to build a multi-skilled team

We tailor training for each role and prepare our trainees to be able to collaborate and solve problems effectively in real-life situations.

Customisable Corporate Bootcamp Technologies

  • JavaScript - React, Angular, Vue
  • Java - Spring
  • C# - ASP.NET
  • Python - Flask, Django
  • Node, AWS
  • Salesforce, ServiceNow
  • Containerization and Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure)

Can’t find what you need on the list?
Don't worry.

Share your specific needs with us and let our mentors, experienced in a wide range of technologies, develop the most effective training solution for you. 

6 Key Steps of a Corporate
Bootcamp Program




Training plan


Assessment of
student skills




training with
experienced mentors


You get
offered the best talent from
the pool

Why Trust Green Fox?


years of experience


satisfied clients


senior and medior mentors


corporate bootcamps, a number of international projects


students trained

“Our company is undergoing a significant expansion, and we thought that an external expert could support us effectively in targeted recruitment. Trust was established at the first meeting, and the team of Green Fox quickly convinced us of their competence. They were very open to our feedback throughout the project, which is essential for long-term cooperation.”

Anett Polocz
chief executive officer
COSMO Consult in Hungary

Your Guides To Excellence:

Green Fox Academy’s Professional Mentors


Head of Education

Peter previously worked as a software developer for several large companies, including the world-famous LogMeIn. Since joining Green Fox Academy two years ago as the Head of Education, he has devoted his time solely to teaching.



Riel graduated as a mechanical engineer but over time moved into the area of software development. He gained several years of experience in the field of product tolerancing management in C# before joining us as a mentor. During his years in GreenFox, Java language and the Spring framework became more and more his own.



Alex studied computer science at ELTE, then later tried himself as a developer and mentor. In the beginning, he taught children to code, then he fell in love with teaching. As a software developer, he worked mainly on C# and Javascript projects and he rejoined the Green Fox mentor team after 1.5 years. In addition to Full-Stack web development, he also enjoys working with Microsoft Business Central.

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Wondering how our selection process works? Or how we find and prepare the right developers for your company, and are able to offer solutions to your specific needs? 

Schedule a meeting now and I’ll answer all your questions in a half-hour live, online meeting.


Viktória Várhegyi

Account Manager

Your best bet if you have general questions about our corporate services

Anita Fachs

Head of Hungarian Operations

If you are not able to reach Viktória, or if you need to talk to someone from Green Fox’s management

Péter Szél

Head of Education

If you need to get in touch with
a fellow developer about specific programming-related questions

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